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6 High Collagen Foods Your Skin, Hair, and Joints Will Love

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Takeaway: How Do Collagen-Enriched Foods Help You?

Collagen helps maintain essential body functions. It supports the body in building up the following areas:

Skin: It can slow down the aging of the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Studies show that people who take collagen for eight weeks could significantly improve their skin’s elasticity.

Muscles and joints: Collagen positively affects muscles, bones, and joints. It increases the elasticity of the connective tissue and prevents brittleness. For those who have arthritis, it relieves joint pain and makes bones stronger.

Intestine: Special amino acids in collagen help maintain the intestine’s barrier function by stimulating the renewal of the intestinal wall.

Cartilage and tissue: Since arthritis is a disease characterized by the breakdown of cartilage and connective tissue, collagen can naturally balance it.

Try including these foods into your diet, and let us know how smooth your skin begins to appear!

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