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9 Surprising Things That Happen To Your Body By Going Vegan


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More and more people are thinking about eating less meat these days. Whatever the reason, let’s find out exactly how a meat-free diet can affect your body. A vegan lifestyle causes so many changes! From the way you digest your food to the appearance of your skin, here are 11 things we’ve found that alter your body.

  • Dietary Supplements: If you stop consuming meat, you’ll probably have a B12 vitamin deficiency. Other supplements common among vegans are iron, vitamin D, and calcium. Although, this all depends on each person’s body.
  • Nutrients: Being vegan, you may be eating a lot more nutrient-rich food. Fiber being one of them, it has the potential to improve cholesterol, make you feel fuller for longer periods, give the body energy, and assists the digestive system.
  • Protein: If lack of protein is making you skeptical of vegans, say no more! Welcome pistachios, quinoa, beans and peas, and soy-based products, such as tofu and tempeh, which are good sources of protein that also contain a variety of vitamins and minerals that will nourish you properly.
  • Heart Health Improvement: Flax seeds and canola oil are good sources of omega-3 acids, which have anti-inflammatory properties. And olive oil, avocado, almonds, and other nuts are good sources of healthy fats that protect your heart.
  • Reduced Risk of Cancer: Foods that are plant-based contain phytochemicals, chemical compounds that contribute to the color, taste, and smell of plants and protect our health and help our bodies fight off disease. Studies show that these phytochemicals may protect against certain types of cancer.
  • Clearer Skin: Dairy can be the cause of bad skin. The human body already makes our own hormones, and we don’t need extra! Loading up on these excess hormones can cause acne, inflammation, oily skin, and various other conditions. If you cut out meat and dairy from your diet, you can kiss problem skin goodbye!
  • Weight Loss: Plant-based foods are lower in calories, so you’re likely to burn more calories than you consume. To lose weight, you’ll need to eat a primarily whole foods diet. This means eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, and other healthy fats. Having a diet high in fiber and nutrients will kick start your metabolism, and your weight will fall right off!
  • Cut Down Your Bathroom Time: Because plant foods are so high in fiber and water content, which is beneficial for your intestines to move waste along more quickly, you’ll need to visit the bathroom more often. Although going more often, you’ll spend less time in the bathroom overall. To put it bluntly, you’ll poo much quicker. No more long, embarrassing trips to the bathroom!
  • Will your odor change?: Since you’ll be digesting and expelling waste quicker, this gives your food less time to ferment, the way meat does. Also, you’ll be eating less processed and chemically or hormonally treated foods, which negatively affect the way your gas, breath, and even your sweat can smell. By going vegan, you’ll have a better smelling body odor!

In conclusion, A vegan diet can have a lot of benefits to your overall health. But this all depends on what you’re eating. Switching meat with highly processed food isn’t your best option. So, take your time to examine if going this route is best for you, and if you’re ever unsure, you should always check in with your doctor.

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