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What IS Healthy Coke?…And Should You Be Drinking It?

healthy coke
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IS Healthy Coke All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

Okay, sure, we can’t deny the similar taste. But this got us even more interested. And that just led us to rely on the scientists to give us the answer: Is “Healthy Coke” really that healthy? The results may surprise you!

Researchers soaked human teeth in seven different sugar-free drinks, as well as in one soda with sugar, for comparison.

They soaked these teeth for 24 hours and determined it was equivalent to a “year’s worth of exposure” to these various beverages. The outcomes resulted in the erosion of dental enamel.

They discovered that, in fact, the acids, not the type of sweetener, in these drinks caused the enamel erosion. Some decay appeared in the teeth soaked in flavored sparkling water too.

However, it was to a lesser degree than what they discovered in sugar and sugar-free soda. Regular non-carbonated and non-flavored bottled waters were the only drinks that didn’t show any signs of enamel erosion.

The studies also conclude that it’s important to note that both balsamic vinegar and seltzer are acidic. The effect of any acidic beverage on enamel can also be affected by the length of time spent on your teeth.

Are you sipping your “healthy coke” over the course of an hour or gulping it down? The longer the time, the more enamel destruction.

Regarding nutritional value, foods and beverages that are very acidic can irritate your esophagus and stomach, which could become an issue, especially if you regularly deal with heartburn.

So, our verdict?… Why not just skip healthy coke or any other chemically induced drinks, and stick to that deliciously reliable water we all love?!?

And since we’ve debunked this one, how ’bout another? We recommend reading: 7 Biggest Nutrition Myths You Need To Stop Believing

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