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McDonalds Nuggets And Their 40 Humble Ingredients

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Ahh, the age-old question…How bad are McDonalds chicken nuggets?

Let’s be honest here: We don’t always have the time to make delicious AND healthy meals. And the truth is that even after reading this, most of us will continue buying these guilty pleasures. But at least, we can get a better understanding of what exactly goes into our bodies when we order something from that big yellow M!

When you consider the ingredients that go into making fried chicken, it seems pretty straightforward. All you would need to make some of that tasty, crunchy chicken is white boneless chicken meat, flour, and oil. But when it comes to making McDonald’s chicken nuggets, there’s a whole lot more that goes into making the best-selling finger food.

For some of you, this may cause you never to want to eat at the fast-food chain again, and for others, well, you still may not be able to resist. But if you’ve ever wondered how McDonalds makes their chicken nuggets taste so great, here are the 40 ingredients that go into them.

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