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Joe Biden And His Delicious 15 Favorite Things To Eat

joe biden
Photo by Matt Smith Photographer at Shutterstock

Joe Biden’s ice cream obsession has been a huge part of the 46th President’s image, offering him a “relatable” quirkiness that resonates with lots of voters because who among us doesn’t like ice cream? Yet, as you may have noticed, President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. always seems to maintain a slim physique.

That isn’t a shock, considering that Biden has made a serious commitment to working out, according to his longtime physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor of The George Washington University. Also, it’s well known that he doesn’t drink alcohol, and that must help since it can lead to weight gain in time. But in all honesty, we’ve been keeping an eye on what Joe Biden’s been eating these past few years as he’s made his way to office, and we can’t help but notice: This man is an eating machine!

For example, if you look at his food diary from his 2012 vice-presidential campaign, it’s just one decadent meal after another. We’re talking fast food, ice cream, and hearty breakfasts. So we HAVE to wonder…What does Joe Biden eat in a day?

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