Energy Bars? And Other Unexpected Foods That Can Drain Your Energy

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6. Sugary smoothies

Our mothers taught us to eat something sweet every time we feel tired, but this is by far the biggest myth. Consuming way too much sugar increases metabolism, therefore you may feel sleepy and tired. With sugary smoothies is even worse.

They pack high amounts of added sugar. For example, a large strawberry smoothie contains 610 calories, approximately 154 grams of carbs, and about 104 grams of added sugars. And if a quarter-cup of Russian dressing contains one tablespoon of the white stuff, a large smoothie packs seven tablespoons.

Focus on the balance between carbs, fat, fiber, and protein. The energy we get from carbs can be extended if we also add good sources of fat, fiber, and protein. It’s not a good idea to rely only on simple carbs; they will make you feel sluggish if not paired with healthy sources of fiber, fat, and protein.

P.S.: Make your own smoothie at home and add a handful of chia seeds that will most definitely keep afternoon fatigue at bay.

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