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10 Shocking Rules McDonald’s Employees Have to Follow

McDonald's Employees
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McDonald’s Employees MUST Be Cautious About Their Social Media

McDonald’s employees are advised to exercise caution when discussing McDonald’s on social media. For instance, they’re asked to clarify that their views and opinions are their own and don’t represent McDonald’s.

They’re also prohibited from disclosing the company’s trade secrets, including “methods or processes, guest counts, sales figures, business plans, how food or marketing promotions are going, and other similar internal business-related confidential information.

McDonald’s Employees Do NOT Pass “GO”

Do you love the McDonald’s Monopoly game? Then don’t become an employee! Unfortunately, they’re reportedly not allowed to touch, open, or redeem any Monopoly pieces.

Fun Fact: Did you know you could buy your favorite Mcdonald’s sauce online?

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