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Did You Know These 6 Foods Could Make Your Cholesterol Levels Skyrocket?

Puff pastry.
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Pie and Pastries

On top of serving as a delicious snack and in some cases meals, pies and pastries also promise a huge dose of saturated fat. Everything from flaky crusts to custard filling, cheese-filled pastries, and streusel topping include shortening, butter, cream cheese, cream, and whole milk.

Remember what we said earlier about these dangerous additions to a recipe.

Want to still enjoy your pie without the guilt? You can eat more filling and only take a few bites out of the crust on top of choosing a low calorie and fat treat.

Movie Theater Tub Popcorn

Movie theater tub popcorn seems to be everyone’s guilty pleasure. But if it’s popped in fats (which we’re willing to be it is!), topped with more fat then you better stay away from it!

You can still munch on popcorn if you skip the buttery topping. Also, pick a smaller option and don’t start eating right away, or else you might realize you’ve finished your treat before the movie even started and you might feel compelled to go and grab some more.

Remove all of these from your shopping list or dinner plans. Or you can try to go for healthier options. Remember, it’s better to keep potential heart problems at bay instead of waiting until the last minute for a medical fix.


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