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7 Fruits and Veggies That Are Incredibly Filling

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7. Avocados

Avocados are incredibly nutritious. They are loaded with healthy fats and fiber and some of the most abundant nutrients found in them are vitamin K, folate, vitamin C, potassium, vitamin E, vitamin B5 and B6.

Also, they are probably the most hunger-satisfying of all fruits and veggies and this is mainly because they contain more calories—240 a cup. “Replacing saturated fat with unsaturated fat [as is found in avocado] increases feeling of fullness, and can lower cholesterol levels,” Lengfelder says. Make sure you’re not pairing it with unhealthy chips!

As part of a healthier diet, “research has found that the addition of half an avocado to a meal increased satiety and lessened the desire to eat after a meal, without elevating blood glucose levels,” Palinski-Wade says.

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