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22 DELICIOUS Pumpkin Desserts You Should Try

pumpkin desserts
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16. Spice bites

Cover them in a mix of cinnamon, sugar and ginger when they’re done.

17. Pumpkin cobbler

A scoop of vanilla ice cream on top will make it even tastier!

18. Pumpkin cannoli

The best cannoli there is!

19. Gluten free pumpkin bread

You never have to feel guilty when you’re eating this!

20. Brownies

We can even taste them.

21. Cream pie

Even better than the traditional key lime cream pie!

22. Donuts

Well, we know what we are cooking tonight! Add some powdered sugar and, of course, cinnamon!


Change is always a good thing for you, but we can face  the truth, the classic and traditional pumpkin pie has a special place in our hearts. Having it on the table for the holidays and for the autumn season has been a tradition for ages!

It wouldn’t be the same if we replace it, however some side desserts are always welcome.

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