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22 DELICIOUS Pumpkin Desserts You Should Try

pumpkin dessert
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7. Keto pumpkin pie

If you are on Keto diet and you can’t grab a bite of the previously desserts, a low carb pumpkin would be a good idea.

8. Chocolate chip cookies 

Another classic snack that would have an amazing taste if we would add some pumpkin in it.

7. Pecan pie

The ultimate hybrid pie (Yes, we just needed an excuse to use that term).

8. Scones!!!

Add some sugar on top, too.

9. Dump cake

Use any cake mix you wish to.

10. Cinnamon rolls

It’s everything this fall needed.

11. Spice cupcakes

Add some frosting and cinnamon on top and you’ve got yourself an amazing party snack!

12. Tart

Easy to make and easier to eat!

13. Sugar cookies

Yummy and yummy! Must bake some for the holidays.

14. Pop tarts?!?! Whaaat???

We have no words for this one.

15. Cornbread

We are scratching regular cornbread and we are adding this on our Thanksgiving list.

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