9 Air Fryer Recipes You Didn’t Know Were Easy to Make

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Air Fryer
Photo by Francisco Zeledon at Shutterstock

Air Fryer Sautéed Onions: The air fryer is great for sautéing vegetables, like carrots or asparagus. But have you considered onions? They’re sooo good! You will love eating air fryer onions as a side snack, and especially on top of your burgers!

Apple pie: Using the air fryer to make apple pie is our new favorite hack, especially since the resulting dessert is the perfect size for a couple.

Mac and Cheese: Pasta is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an air fryer, but it makes mouth-watering toasted ravioli with a crisp breadcrumb crust. Not surprising, maybe, but veering from crunchy to creamy, it can make a comforting, one-pot mac and cheese too!

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