Energy Bars? And Other Unexpected Foods That Can Drain Your Energy

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Photo by bhofack2 from Envato Elements

2. Fried foods

It comes as no surprise that fried foods are found on our list since we’ve already mentioned french fries, however, foods that are dipped in oil such as Buffalo wings are a treat to our health. Saturated fats and high amounts of sodium are the worse things found in hot wings.

It’s important to remember that saturated fat is a type of fat that has been linked to cholesterol buildup in the blood vessels. Saturated fats are also responsible for why we feel so drained of energy after eating fried foods.

Feeling sluggish after eating fried foods is normal since your body actually spends a lot of energy digesting them. Batayneh even adds that fat is a challenge for our bodies to break down.

And it’s not just about your energy levels, consuming fried foods regularly can actually shorten lifespan, as many studies suggest.

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