Is Banana Good or Bad for Diabetics? (Here’s Your Answer!)

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2. Bananas are rich in fiber, therefore, they may reduce blood sugar spikes

Now that everything is unclear, let’s recap: Eating bananas can raise your blood sugar levels, BUT because they are also rich in fiber, meaning that they can also minimize your blood sugar spikes.

Every one of us, regardless if we are diabetics or not needs fiber, in order for our bodies to function properly. It should be noted that sufferers of diabetes need to follow and stick with a good high-fiber diet. Why?

Because one of fiber’s superpowers is slowing the digestion as well as the absorption of carbs. Delaying this process can reduce blood sugar spikes, providing better blood sugar control.

However, not all high-carb foods are created equal. Diabetics must opt for low glycemic index foods since they are absorbed more slowly than high ones.

P.S.: A medium-sized banana scores between 42 and 62 on the glycemic index scale, which is quite low when compared to other fruits.

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