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14 International Dishes All Americans Should Try

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9. Massaman Curry

Asian cuisine is full of interesting recipes and this Thai traditional platter is one of them. It’s a mix of spices such as cinnamon, cumin, nutmeg, cloves, chili pepper, coriander, garlic combined with potatoes and chicken or duck.

10. Peking Duck

In China this is quite a popular one. This one is famous for the delicious syrup that covers the duck, the crispy skin which is to die for and its side dishes which are usually pancakes, sweat bean sauce or onions.

11. Shish kebab

This food is highly popular in the Mediterranean area and they’re basically meat cubes and vegetables slices on a stick, which are then put on the grill. The smells and the succulent mix of tastes will leave you speechless.

12. Hummus 

In the Middle East hummus is very popular and very tasty. It has the consistency of dip and made from chickpeas and several herbs, and it’s the best to eat it with some warm pita bread.

13. Swiss chocolate

Swiss chocolate is known to be among the best chocolates in the world. They have been famous for their sweet snack since the 16th century.

14. German Beer

We know, it’s not a dish, but God the German beer is among the best. If you ever plan to go to Germany, never leave without drinking a nice cold glass (or stein) of beer, but not before tasting their famous sausages. Auf dem Weg!

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