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Health Alert! Don’t Eat These 7 Foods in the Morning!

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5. Dry Cereal

If your go-to morning food is dry cereal, get ready to say goodbye to it! If you’re not convinced, here’s why you should: dry cereal frequently does not satisfy hunger since it’s high in carbohydrates but poor in fiber. As a result, it will digest very fast and leave you hungry soon after, experts say.

You can find yourself staring into the vending machine before lunch if you start your day this way because it can quickly cause blood sugar drops, low energy, and sugar cravings. Stick to the yogurt we’ve previously told you about or make a chia pudding or overnight oats instead!

6. Plant-Based Latte from Coffe Shops

…If you consider coffee food, you’re making a big mistake, experts say!

The majority of coffee establishments offer low-protein, pre-sweetened plant milk, but customers are unaware of the fact that plant milk is sweetened. Ask your favorite coffee shop if they have unsweetened plant milk, and if you want to save money and really know what you’re putting inside your body, it’s best to prepare a latte at home with unsweetened milk.

Even though the caffeine might give you an energy boost, one of these creamy lattes won’t give you the long-lasting fuel you need to make it through the afternoon feeling supercharged. You can have your coffee, but make sure you eat some real food too!

7. Wheat Bread

According to nutritionists, the majority of the time, wheat bread refers to refined white bread rather than whole wheat. When you consume white bread, your blood sugar and energy levels ride a roller coaster of rapid ups and downs. You won’t have a lot of energy and you’ll feel the need to eat shortly after.

The ideal option is sprouted whole-grain bread, and don’t forget to add some protein in the form of hemp seeds or an organic egg. You can also make a great sandwich with only half an avocado and an egg, and it will keep you full for hours!

…If you want to know more about nutrition and the foods you should consume, check out this article: 7 Biggest Nutrition Myths You Need To Stop Believing!

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