What IS Healthy Coke?…And Should You Be Drinking It?

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healthy coke
Photo by Gua at Shutterstock

What IS Healthy Coke?

A TikToker, Amanda Jones, posted a video about a “healthy alternative” to Coke that was… odd, to say the least. She apparently learned about a drink from her Pilates instructor.

According to her “Healthy Coke” recipe, you add a few splashes of balsamic vinegar, yes, the salad dressing, to a glass filled with ice. Then, you pour your sparkling water of choice on top of it. She happened to use a guava LaCroix.

Jones promises that this concoction tastes “just like a Coke!” We have to admit. It DOES look a lot like Coke. As far as we can tell, this mix should be refreshing.

But let’s be honest! If you were to mix ANY dark liquid with a clear carbonated drink, it would probably also look a lot like Coke. So what’s all the hubbub?!?

Well, this video has amassed 5.1 million views and has inspired hundreds if not thousands of videos under the hashtag #healthycoke, mostly from people baffled by the idea that this tangy vinegar could magically become a sweet Coke.

Needless to say, we HAD to try this out…Click to get to the next page and learn what we found!

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