10 Shocking Rules McDonald’s Employees Have to Follow

McDonald's Employees
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McDonald’s Employees Have 2 Minutes To Get Customers In And Out

The drive-thru has sensors so that the store can monitor how long a car’s been waiting. Employees get measured based on something they call OEPE. Order end, present end.

That measures from the second your tires move from the speaker until your back tires pass over the sensor on the last window.

McDonald’s Employees Can’t Switch Between Job Duties

To uphold their safety and hygiene standards, the company separates its employees between the cashier and food prep duties.

This ensures that an employee who handles money doesn’t touch and potentially contaminate food. Frankly, we feel really great about this rule.

…And the biggest rule McDonald’s employees have to uphold? Sorry, shoppers, no free food for you! Employees can’t give out food to friends or family without risking immediate termination!

Talk about a strict work environment, sheesh! For more interesting facts you didn’t know about McDonald’s, check this out!

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