Genius Tip: Are You Refrigerating These 10 Items? STOP!

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Proceed with Caution: Eggs

We’ve heard a rumor floating around that eggs don’t need to be refrigerated. And TECHNICALLY, it’s true that if eggs are never cooled, to begin with, they don’t need to be kept in the fridge.

Now, depending on how your eggs were processed, storing them at room temperature may be a horrible idea. Eggs aren’t as sensitive as we might think. And they can even be recovered after being frozen solid.

But they’re very vulnerable to specific environments. Eggs are typically refrigerated immediately after being washed and sanitized in our country and Canada.

And once they’ve been chilled, storing them at room temperature increases the danger of salmonella.

So the somewhat complicated answer is: If you live in North America, you should just keep your eggs in the fridge. But if you decide to move overseas, a pantry or countertop is ok.

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