8 Most Delicious Sandwich Shops In The US

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Photo by Sharkshock at Shutterstock


This shop first opened in Texas in 1971. The restaurant’s signature sandwich was based on the muffuletta, which happens to be an Italian New Orleans’ favorite and is still popular to this day.

The chain’s version of a muffuletta is made with the famous homemade sourdough bread of Schlotzsky’s and Cotto salami, ham, Genoa salami, cheddar, tomato, mozzarella, mustard, parmesan, red onion, lettuce, black olives, as well as its signature sauce. The masterpiece became so well known that the chain introduced three variations of add-ons such as turkey and ham.


Many People left the subway train when Quizno’s first opened. It was a big deal due to their freshly-toasted subs and super fresh ingredients. While Quizno’s may be better in terms of quality, the downside is that their subs are smaller, which leaves a little something to be desired. The chain’s flavors are on point, and their bread is durable but not as good as some other chains that bake their own.

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