9 GREAT Tips To Get That Pumpkin Pie Right

pumpkin pie tips
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1. Chill every ingredient (Yes, the flour too)

It may sound a little drastic and extreme, however in order to achieve that melt in the mouth crust. While preparing the crust, chill all the ingredients, roll the dough, wrap it and put it back in to chill for a good 25-30 minutes.

Roll it out, place it in the plate and put it back in for another 10 minutes before you start the filling and the baking.

2. Before rolling the dough, add some cinnamon to your flour 

It will make the flavor more intense and that way you can be certain you have enough cinnamon in your pie, you won’t have to worry about not putting enough cinnamon in the filling.

3. Before baking the crust paint it with an egg

Break an egg in a bowl, beat it and then use a silicon cooking brush (if you have any) to ”wash” your crust. By doing so you will get the perfect golden-brown crust.

4. Make sure you pre bake the dough

Most of the times, maybe you did it yourself, we tend to put the filling on the uncooked dough and then the pie gets a little moist. If you like it like that it’s completely fine, however if you would like to change that aspect you can bake the crust a little first.

But when you put it again in the oven make sure you cover the top crust edges with a wrap foil or purchase a pie shield.

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