14 International Dishes All Americans Should Try

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We’re just gonna say it: food is simply AMAZING! The flavors, the texture, the smells….just everything about it makes our mouths water and we bet yours too!

The thing is our American food is the best, we already established that, however in some corners of the world there are some delicacies that look so appealing we couldn’t resist them.

Some international dishes can turn out to be pretty bizarre, but once you’ve tasted them you never want to try anything else for the rest of your life! Don’t believe us?

Well, it so happens that we have a list of international dishes that will instantly make you say ”Oh my God!” (we did the Janice voice).

1. A Seafood Paella

Best Spanish dish, some might say. Shrimps, lobster, cuttlefish mixed with rice and a variety of herbs. What a delicious meal am I right?

2. Poutine 

Fries covered in cheese and gravy, a Canadian delight. Our neighbors up north say it’s best to serve it after a few beers.

3. Moussaka

A traditional Greek delight! It consists in ground meat, potatoes and it’s covered with some cheese on top. Eating it in the right restaurant will instantly make you fall in love with it.

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