Fast Food Employees Advise Never Ordering These 28 Foods

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Fast food may be affordable and convenient, but the quality is often sacrificed in the rush for quantity. I wanted the dirty details behind some of our favorite fast foods, so thanks to the workers who have had a look behind the curtain, we can know what to sidestep the next time we walk up to a counter looking for a quick and easy meal. So, that’s why I’ve come up with 28 items you should NEVER order at a fast-food joint. Warning: Be prepared to be grossed out!

  • 1. Waffle House: The grits may be sitting there for hours, and workers will keep them looking fresh even though they cost very little.
  • 2. Burger King: They don’t actually brew any decaf coffee. Whenever someone orders it, they just water down the regular coffee. Also, the Chicken Fries are, most of the time, about 80% breading.
  • 3. Panda Express: Shrimp entrees are a ripoff. They use a smaller serving spoon on purpose to make it appear like you’re getting a lot of food. Also, The orange chicken is Panda Express’s most popular item, but it’s not always fresh. Once a lunch rush is over, and the food sits out, the chicken dries up, so how can the employees fix that? Smother it in some uncooked sauce, of course!
  • 4. Krispy Kreme: Don’t order any refreshing drinks because they never clean out the ice chest.
  • 5. Long John Silvers: It’s OK, as long as you don’t mind that they microwave the baked cod on a bed of rice on a paper plate.
  • 6. Tropical Smoothie Café: All of the smoothies, except the detox ones, have SO much sugar in them. You’re not being healthy by going there.
  • 7. Subway: The meat all comes packaged. No surprise. However, when you open up that pack of turkey, the turkey smells like real, actual, human farts. Also, when the tuna salad is made, they put in a pound of mayo to mix with the fish.
  • 8. Tim Hortons: The Iced Capp machine never gets cleaned.
  • 9. AMC theater: Do not buy the coffee unless it’s early morning when they first open. Otherwise, you’re going to drink coffee that’s been sitting out for a good five hours, at least.
  • 10. Applebee’s: It’s not exactly fast food, but quick and informal dining. So most of the food is in frozen vacuum-sealed packages thawed in vats of boiling water or microwaved. The things that need to look nicer spend 1–2 minutes on each side on a grill for appearance, but they are NOT fresh. Think steaks, burgers, and chicken breasts.
  • 11. McDonald’s: If you order any of the all-day breakfast items after around 1 pm, it will most likely be more than a few hours old.
  • 12. Outback: If you value your wallet, The bloomin’ onion costs around 70 cents to make, and they sell it for about $8.
  • 13. Wendy’s: When they are about to fry a new batch of chicken nuggets, the employees just slip the bottom of the plastic bag into the fryer so that it melts and the nuggets fall out. They are too lazy to open the bag properly. Plastic, Yum! Also, there’s a saying amongst employees about the fries. They aren’t old until they’re sold! So that means you could be eating fries that are several hours old. Also, The chili here is just overcooked beef that can be kept for up to seven days.
  • 14. Sonic: The chicken will always sit longer because it’s not as popular as the burgers, so keep in mind that your sandwich won’t be fresh.
  • 15. Taco Bell: The beans here are bagged and just require water to somehow turn into the beans we know. They start out looking like cat food, and the directions are, ‘Add water and stir until you can’t see white anymore.
  • 16. Dunkin Donuts: Apparently, those ‘fresh’ donuts aren’t fresh and are delivered frozen on trucks.
  • 17. KFC: If you are craving fried chicken, maybe don’t get KFC anytime around the closing hour. You may be getting chicken that’s been left under the lights for hours, according to one employee. It turns out those black specks might be dirt, not pepper.
  • 18. Little Caesar’s: That’s not real butter on your breadsticks. It’s just some disgusting imitation that comes in a giant tub that doesn’t need refrigeration.
  • 19. Panera: That delicious cheesy mac is just frozen pasta thrown in the microwave and served lukewarmly. You might as well cook your own considering the price.
  • 20. Firehouse: The steak is usually frozen and extra greasy. As for the chicken? Frozen and packaged. All around, not worth the price, which by the way, seems to be increasing every year.
  • 21. Chipotle: Ok, so, this one isn’t anything gross but, the tacos here give you less than half of the regular serving of what you’d get in a bowl. Just spend a bit more on side tortillas and order a bowl. It’s worth it in the end because you get more food for less money.
  • 22. Arby’s: The roast beef is just a bag of meat paste that solidifies after some time in the oven. It’s just mechanically separated hunks of meat mixed with fat and pressed into a ten-pound paste of grossness. This may explain why so many Arby’s employees don’t want to eat there.
  • 23. Jimmy John’s: If you get the tea in the morning or early in the day, then it’s you’re ok. However, employees warn about ordering it at night. The tea is brewed at 5 am by the opening manager and then replaced throughout the day only if it runs out. Considering tea isn’t the most common drink, it isn’t often switched out throughout the day.
  • 24. Friendly’s: The tuna salad here is only made once a week, along with other things that could be prepared ahead of time. Let’s go over that. ONCE A WEEK!
  • 25. Jack-in-the-box: So apparently, nobody cleans the blender. That means you might get some extra pieces from other shakes and smoothies that were prepared throughout the day. Does anyone want hours-old milk with their delicious treat?
  • 26. Steak ‘N Shake: The Wisconsin Butter Burger has a quarter stick of butter in it. That’s 200 calories of just butter. Yikes! Save your arteries some pain, and just sidestep this one.
  • 27. Domino’s: Yes, they have sandwiches. No, they aren’t fresh. You’re getting old ingredients from pizza on these!
  • 28. Dairy Queen: DQ salads are just ripoffs because they already cost more than they’re actually worth. The salads have been recently downsized, but you wouldn’t know that because the bowl they changed to make it seem like the same portion size is the same. Shady, DQ. Too shady!

The fast-food industry is one with mechanisms that are largely hidden from us. Sometimes fast food items are bad because they’re handled or kept either before or after being made. We concentrated precisely on this. Fast-food workers specifically talked about what exactly a customer should never order from their restaurant. Most places always have at least one thing that a customer shouldn’t order either because of gross practices, never-cleaned machines, harmful ingredients, or just general unhealthiness. Keep this “Food for Thought” in mind the next time you get a craving.

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