7 Best Protein Shakes According To Dietitians

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What should you look for on the protein powder labels?

When you’ve decided on the best protein option for your nutrition and muscle-building needs, there are still many brands fighting for your business. So, here are some ideas to keep in mind as you scan these labels.

  1. If your protein is advertised as a specific type of protein, for example, whey isolate, make sure that’s the first ingredient on the ingredient list.
  2. Scan for artificial sweeteners. To keep a low carb count, companies sometimes use these instead of natural sugars.
  3. Look for a short ingredient list. You want a protein powder for the protein, not any additives.
  4. Choose a neutral flavor to get the most out of your money. The most helpful protein powders are the unflavored and vanilla-flavored options.
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