10 Best And Worst Reasons To Eat Organic Foods

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More and more people have grown concerned with the number of chemicals they put into their bodies in recent years. Their worries aren’t unfounded, considering all the pesticides used to process food. An organic lifestyle means eating food without pesticides, fertilizers, or any other synthetics. This automatically means that you’ll probably be spending more money on your groceries unless you have a farm. In which case, where is it? I want to move in! Here are some facts to think about.

1. Antioxidants– Organic foods can reduce the risks of cancer and cardiovascular disease.
2. Cleaner Water– Chemicals make our water uninhabitable for organisms besides leaving us dehydrated.
3. GMOs– Organically grown foods have more nutrients due to a longer growing process, meaning genetically modified foods never had time to grow properly.
4. Financial Woes– When the whole country prefers to eat organic food, farmers will have to rely less on chemical methods. They will make the financial commitment to growing their food under the organic model.
5. Investment in The Future– Protecting our children from GMOs ultimately changes the food industry towards a better tomorrow.

1. Transportation– the transportation business will suffer from the lack of mileage because GMO-free foods have a lower expiration date, plus the food is usually pumped with chemicals to withstand a long journey.
2. Expires By-You have to pay close attention to the expiration date, which is usually cut in half due to lower chemicals.
3. Bee Safety– A common misconception is that organic foods don’t contain pesticides. But in fact, pesticides are permitted in farming as long as they’re not synthetically made.
4. E. Coli– Organic farming has been known to lead to E. Coli outbreaks.
5. Cost– The organic certification process is long and costly, and so is the labor required. This explains why organic foods are more expensive.

The conclusion is that you don’t have anything to lose by eating organic foods, and you should definitely consider leaving non-organic foods totally to enjoy the disease-preventing potential. Just keep in mind that nature gives with one hand but takes with the other, so educate yourself when making the right choices for your family!

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