12 Frozen Foods You Should Avoid at All Costs

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Finger foods

Although we don’t party as we used to these days, we bet that family gatherings are still on the scene from time to time. Frozen party food is something most homemakers would pick for family/friends gatherings, but all nutritionists would disapprove. Why? Because frozen finger foods are usually highly processed.

Frozen food items like mini burgers, pizza, chicken dippers, cheeseburgers, and cheese balls tend to contain lots of extra ingredients that aren’t healthy at all. Emulsifiers, hidden allergens (gluten), palm oil, preservatives, and E numbers are often packed in most frozen finger foods.

It’s best to stick to healthier homemade choices like apple cartwheels, crudités and dips, mini baked sweet potatoes, asparagus bruschetta, shrimp tartlets, cucumber-stuffed cherry tomatoes, and marinated mozzarella. See?! There’s plenty of healthier options.

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1 thought on “12 Frozen Foods You Should Avoid at All Costs”

  1. Absolutely RIGHT….If ya don’t have the time to prepare it fresh, then ya don’t have the time to enjoy it at all….I do freeze leftovers that will be eaten within a week just to have more storage space in the refrigerator for upcoming meal preparation. I will say I do have a side of beef in the freezer as well as some fresh chicken, but this meat is totally raw – no condiments or preservatives used and kept at -4 degrees Centigrade. I’ve never had any issue with thawing and cooking the freezer meat. The cuisine here is very basic and simple. I seldom shop at a popular “grocery store”, but rather the butcher, dairy or bakery – all which are local here.

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