20 Common Foods You Should Never Put in the Cart

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12. Ranch salad dressing

Almost all salad dressings found at the supermarket are packed with sugar, saturated fat, and sodium. However, the real problem is with the serving size and what it means to your waistline and health. Salad dressings can easily add up to 300 calories or so.

Whiteson suggests topping your favorite salad with poached eggs, marinated veggies, or avocado rather than ranch salad dressing. All these suggestions are heart-friendly, so your ol’ ticker will thank you for that.

13. Sliced peaches in heavy syrup

If you’re eating the real fruit, good for you; if not, it’s your loss. And we know it’s really convenient to buy sliced peaches, but how about syrup? Do you really think that all of it comes from the actual fruit? These containers pack lots of added sugar and artificial sweeteners, and, as most studies suggest, artificial sweeteners could destroy the gut microbiome.

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Stick to fresh or frozen fruits. Canned fruits aren’t an option.

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