20 Common Foods You Should Never Put in the Cart

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5. Boxed Mac and Cheese

While mac and cheese is something most kids would want to eat every single day, it’s clearly far from healthy. Whiteson says that boxed mac and cheese, in general, has way too much trans fat content and sodium. On top of that, it has no fiber, being dipped in chemicals and several additives.

Yes, it tastes heavenly, but it’s like hell for your health. It has virtually no nutritional value, so stop buying it. It’s the worst dinner option for you and your family.

6. Cheese-flavored popcorn

It’s not a good idea to buy cheese-flavored popcorn. Wondering why? Because most brands contain lots of fat from cheese, oils, and buttermilk. You can add salt to that list, too. Only a few servings will give you a day’s worth of sodium. And let’s be honest… Who stops after one serving?

Flavored popcorn is probably one of the unhealthiest foods found in all supermarkets.

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