10 Food Staples Every Well-Stocked Kitchen Has

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5. Honey and maple syrups

We all need the urge to eat something sweet from time to time, so why not opting for the sweetest among all? (Yep, honey… although maple syrups are also perfectly fine, but try to select the natural ones.)

Both honey and maple syrup provide one-of-a-kind health benefits, and, unlike the average lifespan of a worker bee (4-6 months), raw honey is immortal. If natural and sealed properly, honey can literally last forever.

When it comes to maple syrups, they can be safely stored for one year in your pantry and indefinitely in your freezer. But, again, always purchase the natural ones to enjoy their powerful nutrients like manganese, magnesium, and potassium.

If possible, try to replace the harmful white stuff with these natural sweeteners for good.

Below you’ll find several impressive health benefits of raw honey:

  • reducing the risk of heart attacks
  • promoting eye health
  • lowering blood pressure
  • treating burn wounds
  • acting as a cough medicine

So, yeah, honey is indeed liquid gold.

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