7 Foods You Should Definitely Eat Before Bedtime

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3. Kiwi

Be honest… Have you really thought of kiwi as a sleep-inducing fruit? Because we haven’t. It sounds surprising, but yes, this furry fruit promotes sleep, and we have scientific research that sustains this argument.

The first study involved 24 adults who ate two medium-sized kiwifruit one hour before shutting their eyelids every single night for 4 weeks. When the study was over, all participants reported that they were able to fall asleep faster after consuming kiwi.

Researchers added that some of them fell asleep 42 percent more quickly when compared to when they didn’t consume any food before bedtime. Plus, not only their ability to sleep faster improved but also their sleep time. It seems that some participants’ total sleep time increased by 13 percent.

Now that we’ve exposed the studies. Let’s see which superpower of kiwifruit is responsible for better sleep.

The answer is serotonin. The sleep-promoting powers of kiwis are actually associated with serotonin. It works as a brain chemical that regulates your sleep cycle.

However, some studies say that the antioxidants and carotenoids found in kiwis are also responsible. Still, more research is needed regarding this matter. What we know for sure is that consuming two medium-sized kiwifruits will most likely keep your eyelids closed for longer.

Fact: One medium-sized kiwi provides 71 percent of your daily needs for vitamin C.

Can you call yourself a fruit lover? If yes, here are 10 Ordinary Fruits With Extraordinary Health Benefits!

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