7 Foods You Should Definitely Eat Before Bedtime

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Photo by Brent Hofacker from Shutterstock

2. Turkey

Now I understand why I’m always tired after Thanksgiving… It’s all in the turkey! This type of lean meat contains tryptophan, an amino acid that can give the production of melatonin quite a boost. As we’ve said before, melatonin tells your body when it’s sleep time.

Also, turkey is pretty high in protein. For example, in approximately 26 grams of turkey, there are about 8 grams of protein. And while we all know that protein intake is essential for a healthy mind and body, did you know that it also promotes tiredness?

Several studies concluded that adequate amounts of protein consumed right before bedtime could improve sleep quality, including in those with insomnia. Plus, protein is also responsible for maintaining your muscles healthy and controlling your appetite.

In addition to all those nutrition facts, turkey is a magnificent source of selenium. Only 85 grams of turkey translate to 56 percent of your daily selenium needs.

If you’re used to consuming turkey only on important holidays, such as Thanksgiving, you might want to change that. Turkey has many health benefits that are waiting to be indulged.

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