What Happens to Your Body When You Eat a Banana Every Day

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5. They lower blood pressure

As stated by the Food and Drug Administration, a mix of high potassium and low-sodium intake can lower blood pressure. As a result, since bananas check both criteria, those who eat them on a regular basis can also reduce their risk of a stroke.

Plus, they can also maintain your heart health.

6. They reduce bloating

Bloated all the time? Although not all of us can brag about having toned abs, bloating can be easily avoided by eating at least one banana daily.

A new study showed that women who consumed two bananas a day for two months minimized their belly-bloat by almost 50 percent. This happened because bananas promote bloat-fighting bacteria. Additionally, is it also a high potassium fruit, meaning that it can shrink water retention.

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  1. I always knew that bananas were special and arrived in their own unique packaging, but never knew that they were such a superfood. Thanks for the info.

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