Is Banana Good or Bad for Diabetics? (Here’s Your Answer!)

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1. Your blood sugar levels will most likely spike after eating a banana

Due to their carbs content, bananas can raise a diabetic sufferer’s blood sugar. In fact, carbs can cause your blood sugar levels to spike like no other nutrient.

Those who don’t deal with diabetes can safely consume carbs because their bodies are actually able to produce insulin, but, when it comes to diabetics, this process is completely ‘canceled’ since their bodies can’t produce enough insulin.

So, when a diabetic patient eats way too many high-carb foods, this will eventually lead to high blood sugar levels, and no patient wants that. If you’re one of the many diabetic sufferers from out there, it’s best to avoid bananas: approximately 93 percent of their calories actually come from carbs, and they consist of fiber, starch, and sugar.

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