Ready to Eat Your Water? Here Are 18 Super Hydrating Foods

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13. Tomatoes

Water content: 94%

Are you familiar with a medium tomato nutrition profile? Well… One medium tasty tomato contains approximately 118 ml of water (a half-cup).

Apart from being super hydrating, a tomato is also mineral- and vitamin-rich: vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, folate, potassium, beta carotene, lycopene, and naringenin (a flavonoid found in the skin that may decrease inflammation).

The disease-fighting compound called lycopene may lower the risk of developing heart disease and prostate cancer.

Thankfully, tomatoes are quite versatile! In fact, they are the base in almost all dishes.

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14. Bell Peppers

Water content: 92%

Another super hydrating food with a variety of health benefits is the common bell pepper. Next time you go shopping, remember that 90 percent of a bell peppers’ weight is actually water.

But, no, you don’t pay for water at a bigger price, in that percent you’ll also get some incredible benefits. From improving eye health due to the carotenoids found in them, to preventing anemia, maintaining the health of the nervous system, and enhancing respiratory health, bell peppers should be on your plate every single day.

Moreover, lutein and zeaxanthin, the compounds found in bell peppers may diminish the risk of developing certain types of cancers.

Plus, when compared to other veggies and fruits, bell peppers actually have the highest amount of vitamin C (317 percent of your daily needs for vitamin C in approximately 149 grams).

So, yeah, bell peppers really are wow veggies!

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