11 Best Foods to Help You Age Like Fine Wine

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9. Green tea

Now that winter is upon us, maybe we should switch from black tea to green tea. Why? Because green tea can improve our overall health in many ways. For example, drinking green tea has been associated with improved blood flow and lowered cholesterol.

Most doctors even say that green tea consumption can help prevent a wide range of serious health issues, such as congestive heart failure. This tea may even protect your skin from premature aging and damage, and it’s all due to catechins, the incredible compounds found in green tea.

Over 60 women who participated in a recent study saw a major skin improvement when referring to the redness caused by sun exposure after drinking green tea for approximately 12 weeks. The powerful tea also boosted the elasticity of the skin, as well as the thickness, moisture, and roughness.

Our recommendation: Do not drink green tea with milk! In combination, they make a chemical reaction that can significantly minimize the health benefits of catechins.

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10. Red grapes

We all know that red grapes contain resveratrol, the compound that’s found in the skin of red grapes, but do you know its incredible health benefits?

Resveratrol protects the ticker and circulatory system, lowers cholesterol, guards against clots, and reduces inflammation. As for skin health, resveratrol can reduce the harsh effects of the aging process. Some studies even suggest that it can reduce the number of harmful free radicals.

The best part when it comes to resveratrol? It can also be found in red wine! So, you can age like a fine wine with… surprise WINE. Pour yourself a glass of red wine and enjoy its benefits!

Keep in mind that moderation is key, meaning that you should stick with no more than two glasses of red wine per day if you’re a man and one glass per day if you’re a woman.

P.S.: Need wine glasses? Here are our favorites. 

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