The Foods That Pose a Higher Risk of Developing Cancer

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2. Refined grains

First of all, let’s explore the differences between refined and whole grains. When we are referring to whole grains, we think about the original grain, but when the term refined grains pops into our heads, the first image we see is basically a modification process. During the process, the good fiber found in grains and other healthy nutrients are actually removed.

That’s why most health care professionals recommend people to always opt for the whole grains rather than their lesser counterpart refined grains. White flour, white bread and white rice are the most popular food choices when it comes to refined grains. Your favorite snacks (pastries, cereals, desserts and crackers) are made with refined grains too.

Refined grain consumption is often associated with a higher risk of colon cancer, and, on the other hand, whole grains intake was linked for decades to colorectal cancer prevention.

Here’s a list of foods that do wonders just like whole grains when it comes to cancer prevention.

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