6 Surprising Foods That Help You Sleep Like a Baby

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5. Almonds

Much like walnuts, almonds are also rich in melatonin, so try to consume them more often when you have trouble sleeping. Plus,  a handful of almonds packs approximately 77 mg of magnesium and 76 mg of calcium, and, as we said before, both of them promote muscle relaxation.

And that’s not all: consuming almonds regularly can improve heart health and promote weight loss. Add them in your morning smoothies or make some almond butter—it tastes incredible!

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6. Lettuce

Romaine lettuce contains lactucarium, a phytonutrient that can induce sleep, ease pain and promote relaxation. Plus, consuming romaine lettuce regularly will improve your immune system, strengthen your bones and teeth and will maintain your cardiovascular health.

Important info: All green salads should be washed properly, because they are often contaminated with harmful bacteria. Fill your sink with cold water, throw the greens, let them soak for at least ten minutes and then use a salad spinner to dry them.

Takeaway: Your sleeping problem could be due to a major health condition, consult your doctor before making any decision regarding your sleeping habits. Consuming the foods we’ve mentioned are a great thing to do, taking into consideration that all of them are healthy.

2 thoughts on “6 Surprising Foods That Help You Sleep Like a Baby”

  1. As a non-sleeper, your article was interesting and informative. I’m anxious to try these remedies. Oh, for a solid nights sleep.

  2. Hi! Interesting and helpful article! I have been eating bananas when I wake up in the middle of the night because, for some unknown reason to me, they helped me get back to sleep. Now I know why! I was wondering, though, do these foods make you sleepy during the day if you eat them for snacks or lunch? If so, are there foods that energize you? Should you combine them with those energizing foods?

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