6 Surprising Foods That Help You Sleep Like a Baby


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1. Cherries

You don’t need a pill to sleep, you need a handful of cherries! How so? They contain melatonin, a hormone made by the pineal gland that can make you sleepy. High levels of this “sleep hormone” can make you fall asleep faster.

Plus, melatonin is a crucial antioxidant that supports eye health. Cherries are actually full of surprises. They contain heart-protective and anti-inflammatory properties. P.S.: Opt for tart cherry juice for instant results.

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2. Walnuts

If you’re struggling to fall asleep, walnuts might be the answer to your prayers. They contain sleep promoting compounds that will improve the quality of your sleep. Just like cherries, the most important compound found in walnuts is melatonin, accompanied by tryptophan, an essential amino acid.

This amino acid is responsible for serotonin levels, and, the latter produces melatonin. Put differently, there’s a strong trio in our body and, without it, we can’t sleep properly. The best part when it comes to walnuts? They are versatile, so you can add them in salads, smoothies, or cookies.

2 thoughts on “6 Surprising Foods That Help You Sleep Like a Baby”

  1. As a non-sleeper, your article was interesting and informative. I’m anxious to try these remedies. Oh, for a solid nights sleep.

  2. Hi! Interesting and helpful article! I have been eating bananas when I wake up in the middle of the night because, for some unknown reason to me, they helped me get back to sleep. Now I know why! I was wondering, though, do these foods make you sleepy during the day if you eat them for snacks or lunch? If so, are there foods that energize you? Should you combine them with those energizing foods?

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