These Are the Worst Foods for Gout Sufferers

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How diet affects gout?

Depending on their purine content, a substance found in food, your uric acid levels can be either low or high. So, if you tend to eat foods that are high in purines such as seafood, you are most likely to get gout attacks. People who don’t suffer from gout can eat whatever they want, as their bodies can properly remove excess uric acid.

On the other hand, when you’re dealing with gout, you should steer clear of high-purine foods. Several studies have proven that gout attacks can be easily avoided with the right medication and, of course, taking a closer look at your diet. Note that purine isn’t the only substance that can trigger painful attacks. Fructose can raise your uric acid levels too by speeding up several cellular processes.

P.S.: Most people assume that tomatoes are a no-no for gout sufferers because they allegedly increase the uric acid levels, well… that’s not true. In fact, virtually no medical study has actually shown this association. Yeah…we know, word of mouth is quite powerful.

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