Common Cooking Mistakes You May Be Making, According to Experts

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You use expired dried herbs

Once we have figured out how to use dried and fresh herbs, we need to make sure we do not use expired dried herbs. As you already know, they aren’t effective at all and you will be using them in vain.  

According to Caroline Glover, Owner and Executive Chef of Annette, Aurora, CA, “spices really lose their flavor over time and just don’t pack the punch they are supposed to. Garlic and onions, too. Older ones that are sprouting on your countertop are super pungent and overpowering even after cooking them.”

However, even if you have a few old herbs, you can reuse them, but only under certain conditions. “If you have a bunch of spices in the cabinet that are older and you don’t want to waste them, I always think a quick dry sauté in a hot pan helps bring out the flavors. And for older garlic and onions, always remove any green that might be sprouting through the middle of the allium,” she added.

If you want to make your life easier, you can write on each ingredient jar the date you bought the herbs.

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