Common Cooking Mistakes You May Be Making, According to Experts

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You don’t use fresh herbs

It’s okay if you have dried herbs in your ingredient jars, but you should try to replace them if you have them for more than six months or a year, or you can simply opt for adding fresh herbs to your recipes because they are more effective and delicious.  

“Use fresh herbs whenever possible. Nothing brings flavor and sense of place to a dish like fresh herbs. A handful of basil or cilantro can transform a dish completely. If you are using dried herbs, make sure to swap them out often. Oregano that has been sitting in your cabinet for years won’t add anything to a dish,” explained Akunowicz.

However, some cooking experts recommend using dried herbs when you are making a sauce or soup that will be cooked in the oven or stove. For raw recipes, you can use fresh herbs. In addition, when it comes to your dried herbs, some of them can last in your pantry, while others need other storage conditions, such as freezing.

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