Common Cooking Mistakes You May Be Making, According to Experts

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You don’t use a sharp knife

Many people try to avoid these types of knives because they are afraid of getting injured, but, according to experts, they cause the least damage, compared to dull ones. 

“Sharp knives are a must! Often home cooks are scared of sharp knives, but dull ones are actually the ones that will do the most damage,” said Chef Karen Akunowicz, Owner and Executive Chef of Fox & the Knife, Boston, MA. 

All you have to do is to buy a good knife and find some experts that can help you sharpen this amazing cooking tool. “Buy yourself one good chef’s knife and find a shop that will sharpen it for you! It will improve your cooking and make it more enjoyable as well!” suggests Akunowicz.

Paradoxically, many chefs say that a sharp knife not only helps you work faster but also safer. But why is it safer? Because it won’t slip when you try to cut the ingredients and is easy to control when chopping or slicing foods, compared to a dull knife that can slip right into your fingers. That being said, you should pay more attention to your cooking utensils if you want to avoid injury.

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