10 Things Store Cashiers Really Want You To Know

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You should not negotiate the price with a store cashier

As I said before, a store cashier is here to do his or her job and their job involves certain tasks, but negotiating the price with you is not included in those tasks, right? It is very important to avoid negotiating a better deal with the store cashier. If you really want to get a better price, then you should seek the opinion of another employee or manager. 

“You wouldn’t believe have many customers have tried to haggle over the price of an item. This isn’t a garage sale,” says Morgan Winter, who has worked in retail for over a decade.

Also, you should not complain about the store’s prices to the cashiers. If you want to start a conversation then you should find another topic. As you already know, store cashiers are not responsible for the store’s prices. “You are the one shopping, if you don’t like the prices then don’t shop here,” says Lee.

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