10 Things Store Cashiers Really Want You To Know

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They do not have to compute the total in his or her head

Imagine being at work and doing an important project and someone is watching you. How would you feel or react if a client suddenly asks you why you don’t write the whole project by hand, why do you use technology if you can do the job manually? I bet it would piss you off, especially if you are already having a bad day.

So, do not expect a store cashier to compute the total in his or her head, especially when computerized cash registers make the whole process easier and more efficient. 

“I hated when people expected me to be able to figure out their exact change in my head,” says Monica Bender, who worked as a cashier in college. “Guess what? I’m not good at math. But do you know who it is? This machine I’m standing in front of. So I’m going to let it do its job.”

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