10 Things Store Cashiers Really Want You To Know

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As you probably know, many people interact with store cashiers at least once a week or more and they have to cooperate with all kinds of people. Moreover, whether we recognize it or not, we have a strong connection and communication with them, because we let them see our most intimate purchases and, of course, credit cards.

But this job is more than what you might think, because store cashiers have a lot of tasks to do every day, and their job does not just mean <‘hey’- product scanning and paying – and ‘have a good day’>. But they have to interact with a lot of people every day, and sadly, some of them are not as friendly or respectful as they should be.

Unfortunately, they rarely get the recognition they really deserve, especially these days when they have to stay in public spaces during the coronavirus pandemic.

So here are some things store cashiers really wants you to know! Read on for more info!

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