7 Annoying Things You’re Doing at Restaurants Without Realizing It

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You forgot that you had to leave

Unfortunately, there are many people who like to stay there forever, but one of the most important rules that you have to take into consideration when eating at a restaurant is to spend the necessary time without exceeding the limit. 

For instance, if you have finished eating, then you have to pay your bill and leave the restaurant. It is really annoying for waiters to see you chatting and drinking for hours. They have to welcome and feast other customers and some of them probably need a table. 

“Is the waiter hovering nervously around your table? Did the hostess offer to get your coats? That’s probably because the restaurant needs the table,” said Dublanica.

“I’m glad you like the ambiance enough to want to hang out, but after you’ve received your service and paid your bill, please be courteous to the next customers, the business, and your server by leaving so the table can turn,” waiter dogshine said on Reddit.

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