7 Annoying Things You’re Doing at Restaurants Without Realizing It

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You don’t consider the disadvantages of a big party

If you want to celebrate your birthday at a restaurant and you have a lot of guests, you should understand that you can’t sit together at the same table, and this is not just because of social distance policies, but because they need to split your group due to lack of space. 

If you all join a table (for example 20 people) then serving and disposing of waste will be very difficult to do, and this will be annoying for both servers and guests. So, before planning a big party, just try to understand the disadvantages as well. 

“Some restaurants aren’t able to seat a group of 20 at one long table and may need to split your group into smaller tables right by each other,” said the event sales coordinator, Jennifer Wooddy.

Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that lots of food require lots of time to cook, so try to be patient.

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  1. My main problem is that I am very near sighted and cannot read small print. I also have a slight hearing problem. I dot rry to be palight to everyone.

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