9 Surprising Diets That Lower Your Risk of Cancer

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1. The New American Plate Diet

“The New American Plate diet involves healthy choices for the proportion of different foods on your plate and for the portions you eat,” Collins says. “Aim for vegetables, fruits, whole grains, or beans to provide two-thirds (or more) of each meal, with one-third (or less) coming from animal protein. This emphasizes foods that can provide fiber, nutrients and plant compounds that may help protect you from cancer, and limits foods that increase risk of cancer, while helping you reach and maintain the healthy weight that research shows can play a major role in reducing cancer risk.”

Collins also added that in several studies, nutrients and compounds that are found in these plant foods can actually work together to change the expression of tumor suppressors and other genes, and eventually influence cell signaling pathways, inflammation, and self-destruction of abnormal cells. So, if you want to make room for dairy and meat, it should be no more than one-third of each meal.

“If you include red meat such as beef, lamb, and pork, limit the amounts to no more than 12 to 18 ounces a week,” Collins says, adding that higher amounts of red meat could maximize the risk of colorectal cancer. “And be sure that it’s mostly unprocessed red meat. Keep bacon, sausage, salami, and hot dogs to occasional use only.”

You might ask us why you should avoid processed meats… Well, when you consume too much, it increases your risk of developing colorectal cancer. In fact, the New American Plate diet is designed for preventing colorectal cancer, breast cancer, mouth/larynx/pharynx cancers, esophageal cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, and pancreatic cancer.

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