8 Ways You’re Reading Food Labels Wrong

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6. You think all wheat bread is a superfood

While shopping, you should look for types of bread that are labeled 100% whole wheat or 100% whole grain, if you want to eat healthier. When bread is made, grain kernels are actually separated into three parts: germ, endosperm, and bran. The vast majority of products available of the market lose most of the bran and some germ—which contain essential vitamins, protein, fats, and fiber.

Fortunately, whole grains keep the amounts intact, but take into consideration that the words “whole grain” without a 100 percent on the label, could translate to refined flours, too. “If it says contains whole grains, that means somewhere in that ingredient list you’ll find all three parts of a whole grain,” says Bruning. “It might be left whole or processed into flour, but it’s there.” The same rule applies for multigrain bread, which just means it has different types of grains, regardless of how processed they are.

A better solution could be a bread machine. This way you can say bye-bye to bizarre and unpronounceable chemicals or preservatives—and, of course, you will always know what your bread contains.

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