8 Ways You’re Reading Food Labels Wrong

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5. You think “made with real fruit” is basically a packaged apple

If you want to decode your food labels, note that “made with real fruit” is as vague as it is disingenuous. The FDA allows foods that have even a small amount of fruit or fruit juice concentrate to say they are made with real fruit. On top of that, the fruit in the actual ingredients doesn’t have to be the same as the flavor you read on the label. So, raspberry-flavored beverages can be made with strawberries.

Plus, “made with real fruit” products contain a lot of added sugars or artificial flavors. “It can say ‘made with real fruit,’ and some real fruit is included in that product, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other things,” says Bruning. “You still want to check the ingredient list and see what else is there.”

Keep in mind that the only source of fruit good for you and your family is the actual fruit. However, if you’re not a fan of whole fruit, you could opt for a juicer that will definitely healthify your meals.

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